Termites are social insects that live in colonies and raise their young as a group. They eat non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Termites are often called the "silent destroyers" because they may be hiding and thriving in your home or yard without any sign they're there. Since termites feed on dead plants and dead parts of living trees, including wood, no home is safe from these pests. House foundations, furniture, shelves, and even books are all possible feeding sites for termites. They avoid light, so they are often not detected until after damage has been done.


The most likely species to be infesting a house in the United States is the black carpenter ant. Carpenter ant species reside both outdoors and indoors in moist, decaying or hollow wood, where they build their nests. Certain parts of a house, such as around and under windows, roof eaves, decks and porches, are more likely to be infested by carpenter ants because these areas are most vulnerable to moisture. Though they sometimes may be visible to homeowners in the springtime, their seeming disappearance doesn’t mean that they are gone. They are capable of a large amount of damage.


Bed bugs are flat, reddish-brown, oval insects the size of an apple seed. Bed bugs only feed on blood, preferring to be more active at night when the host is asleep. Their bites can leave itchy welts on the skin and can cause allergic reactions, such as severe itching, though not everyone reacts to their bite. Bed bugs can be found in cracks and crevices, including mattress seams, sheets, furniture, behind baseboards, electrical outlet plates and picture frames. They are often found in hotels, where they can travel from room to room and in visitors’ luggage or other personal belongings such as purses and briefcases. Notify your local pest management provider immediately, or tell your property manager if you are renting so they can begin to devise a customized treatment for the problem. Bed bugs can multiply quickly, so early detection is critical to help prevent an even larger infestation.

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